Back to Work Cruises

Are you tired before the work year has even begun? You're not alone! Studies show- and lifehacker explains that it can be hard to get into the work mindset after a break. This is especially true if the break was hectic without any relaxation. Enter the ideal tonic- a Yarra River cruise down Melbourne's iconic waterways. Theres no plane to catch, no passport control and no boarding queues. Just you, your partner, family or friends- and the captain.

How Long Does the Cruise Go For?

The great thing with our river cruises is that they are private and run on demand- so they can be as long as you like! Experience the joy of travel within your home city. To make a return to work cruise uniquely yours, consider combining a river boat trip with a stopover for a meal. Dine at one of Melbourne's exciting restaurants by the water, and experience the city from a fresh perspective.

Self Drive Boats Available

We've got a number of boats on the Yarra River which are self-drive. These can be hired without a special boat licence. They are electric powered- no fumes, no noise and no complications. A number of seating options exist- the maximum number of passengers on a self-drive boat is 12.

How Much Notice is Required

We have a limited number of vessels, so it's important to book early if you have a specific date or time in mind. Our river boat cruises are private, luxurious charter trips- not floating bars filled with random people. You get to experience luxury that is uniquely yours- just the thing to help you get motivated as you start back at work again.

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