Melbourne Yarra River Cruises

10 Tips for the Perfect Private Boat Charter

One of the best ways to rejuvenate your mind is by booking a private skippered boat cruise in Melbourne. Here are simple tips or suggestions that you can follow to make it a memorable one.

Switch Off Your Mobile: If you have booked a romantic cruise on Melbourne's Yarra River, we recommend that you turn off your mobile phone to avoid being disturbed and you can completely relax.

Select Clothes for the Weather: We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes when you are on Melbourne Yarra river cruises so you can relax throughout your private skippered boat cruise in Melbourne. Plan for the weather as the temperature and conditions can change quickly in Melbourne. If cold and raining, you will want to wear a jumper and coat. For hot summer days, shorts and t-shirts are suitable. Check the weather forecast the day before so you can be ready.

Check the Package: Before you hire a boat, take some time to check the details of each of the packages that a service provider is offering before booking. Compare the options available for your chartered boat hire in Melbourne.

Use the Space Well: Take advantage of the space available on the boat. Take time to learn about the features available. Knowing what's available will enable you get the most from Yarra River cruises in Melbourne.

Order Food in Advance: Find out about the menu and place an order beforehand. Some foods require extra time and special ingredients for preparation. It will help the crew to prepare well before you board.

A Good Camera: It is a must to have a good camera with you so that you can capture all the precious moments of your private skippered boat cruise experience in Melbourne. If you are using your phone, make sure you will have enough charge to capture images throughout the experience.

Listen to the Captain: Listen to the captain and follow the planned itinerary and transit times. Knowing what's ahead will help you plan the trip to get maximum value and enjoyment, whether you are planning a romantic cruise or getting together with a group of friends on your chartered boat hire in Melbourne.

Self-Drive the Boat: If you want a self-drive boat, you need to book a cruise accordingly. If you choose this option, you can go in your own pace and enjoy complete privacy. You don't need a boat license to drive a boat.

Get All the Details in Advance: You don't want to be in a rush and stressed that you are late. Get the details of where you will be boarding, where you will want to park or public transport options, so you can be sure that you will arrive on time for departure on your private skippered boat cruise in Melbourne.